Our Services

Whether you are starting a dental practice or buying into one we’re here to provide you the necessary guidance and support.

Owning a dental practice means you will have to wear many different hats, most of which have nothing to do with dentistry. There are three broad areas of success we focus on to assist you that have almost nothing to do with your training and profession but are integral to running a prosperous and rewarding practice.

1: Operations

A dental practice’s day-to-day operations are critical to success—everything must work seamlessly, from appointments, scheduling, and staffing to documentation, billing and technology. Operations are the heart and soul of the business. It has to be effective and efficient to be successful.

With intimate knowledge of the latest practice operations built up over 25 years of practical experience we can advise and help

ensure you’re operating at peak performance. This includes  recommendations on hardware and software so you ultimately provide the best possible service for your patients.

The ability to book appointments quickly, follow up on leads, organise medical records and keep track of your finances will save you time and money and lead to better  outcomes for everyone.

2: Management

Creating a trusted dental practice takes work. Dental practice management isn’t easy. The most successful practices focus on patient experience. Everything they do is aimed at making their patient’s lives easier and less stressful. And, let’s face it, plenty of people dread going to the dentist.

From check-ups, to phone etiquette, to admin, every element of a dental practice needs to be streamlined for optimal patient experience.

You’ll be competing with a number of other local practices so, to stand out, patient care, cleanliness, and efficiency are just the  beginning.

Certified as a NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy ® techniques, Modern Hypnosis and as an NLP Coach Susie has the unique ability to help practice leaders cope with the stress so often associated with their jobs as well as patient pain and anxiety management.

We provide the advice and guidance on the best practices when managing a dental office, with a particular focus on the patient

3: Staff Training

Having to do everything yourself to ensure things are done consistently well is one of the biggest struggles you’ll face growing their practices.

To start getting some work off your plate, it’s important to identify the most-qualified team members and make sure they have the right skills.

However identifying the right people with the right skills is only half the challenge.

You still need to make sure they have everything they need to perform how you want and need them to perform from the start.

Effectively training your dental office employees is your key to consistent performance.

At The Dental Concierge we can ensure your staff know exactly what’s expected of them and have clear instructions at their fingertips if they have questions when nobody’s around.